SpatialXL contains an advanced 3D processing engine that empowers it to handle and process all your mining spatial data.

SpatialXL can read and export data in the following formats:

1. Shape files.
2. Microstation DGN files
3. Autocad DWG and DXF files
4. Gemcom Surpac string, point and DTM files
5. Datamine .dm binary files, both double and single precision, including block models
6. LandXML files
7. ModelMaker point and DTM files
8. Whittle Block models
9. VectorDraw .vdcl files
10. Surfer grid files
11. CSV and xyz files
12. Image files (bmp, jpg, tiff, png, img)

As you can see this covers most formats encountered in the mining and engineering area.

Additionally SpatialXL can read from and save to the following databases, in their native spatial formats:

1. Sql Server 2008 through 2016
2. Oracle all versions
3. Postgres
4. Any ODBC database connection

Spatial can do the following spatial processing:

1. Project to 2D
2. Surface building with breadlines
3. Drape onto DTM.
4. Smooth line strings
5. 3D boolean operations
6. Cut and fill
7. Dynamic heat mapping
8. Cookie cutting between layers
9. Buffering 2d and 3d
10. Aggregating
11. Contouring
12. Borehole desurvey